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Our Story
Pwani International Christian College(PICC) was established in 1974, 40 years ago, under the name Pwani Bible Institute.
It was founded by the African Inland Mission(AIM) and the local church leaders of the African Inland Church(AIC) train Nationals called by God to serve as pastors and missionaries forthe efffective leadership of the growing number of churchs in the Coastal region of Kenya and the rest of the country.
From its inception, the college has offered quality and comprehensive training which has produced time-tested men and women who have gone out as leadersof churches,para-church organizations, NGOs,missionaries, as well as heads and chaplains of schools, prisons and hospitals.
Several bishops of the African Inland Church,including the current assistant presiding bihop, trained for pastoral ministry and leadership here at PICC.

Over the year, Pwani has offered quality training under the academic supervision continental accrediting bodies like ACTEA( up to 2009) and is currently under the academic collaboration and validation by SCOTT CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY(SCU), a chartered liberal arts university of greatest repute.
Picc is in the process of attaining government accreditation under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority(TVETA) to expand its range of programs to include professional courses so as to produce leaders of integrity for the church and the community whose values, ethics and morals a firmly grounded in teachings of the Bible, in line with the original vision pf its founding leaders.

Although PICC is owned and sponsored by the African Inland Church, it trains men and women from all Christian denominations who desire to grow and to be equipped for effective leadership and service.